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Trust the Team at Patton Brown Law for Your Social Security Disability Needs

The North Carolina firm of Patton Brown Law focuses on Social Security disability law.

Social SecuritySocial Security

The Social Security Administration is notorious for denying disability benefit claims because of minor mistakes or errors in paperwork—or because they're not convinced that you have a real disability. The North Carolina law firm of Patton Brown Law can help you navigate the Social Security disability process.

Disabling Medical ConditionsDisabling Medical Conditions

Social Security maintains a list of medical conditions that are so severe they automatically mean that you are disabled, whether you live in North Carolina or somewhere else.  Each medical condition on this list has a complete description of what symptoms or conditions have to be present with your medical condition for you to “meet” this listing.

In these series of articles about various medical conditions, we have provided a general discussion about what each body system/disorder/disease includes, what has to be proven, and what evidence or tests are needed to prove that you “meet the listing” for the specific medical condition.  Also, for your general knowledge, we have included helpful information about symptoms, diagnosis, common treatment, and where you can find more help and information for your medical condition.

If you have believe that you have one or more of these medical conditions, contact the Board Certified Social Security Disability Specialists at Patton Brown Law to assist you in your claim for benefits.