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Are You a North Carolina Resident Who Needs to Apply for Social Security Disability? Partin, Patton & Brown Can Help

Few things in life are as nerve-wracking as incurring an injury or medical condition that makes it impossible for you to work, and then having to apply to the Social Security Administration ("SSA") for disability benefits. Essentially, the government holds your fate in its hands. If SSA approves your claim, you can count on a certain amount of monthly income, but if your application is denied, you're back to square one (and left wondering how to make your rent or mortgage payment). If SSA has rebuffed you, the North Carolina law firm of Partin Patton & Brown can help resuscitate your claim and give it a better chance of being approved by the Social Security bureaucracy.

Applying for Social Security Disability? Partin, Patton & Brown Can Help

At Partin, Patton & Brown, we have years of experience guiding North Carolina residents through the long, involved, and anxiety-provoking process of applying for Social Security disability benefits. We are available to work with clients at all stages of the Social Security process, including:

  • Individuals who have recently been injured, or have been diagnosed with serious medical conditions, and wish to make initial applications for Social Security disability benefits.
  • People who have already submitted claims for disability benefits and have been denied.
  • People who are dissatisfied with the lack of care and personal attention being given by a national social security law firm.
  • North Carolina residents who have been disabled and out of work for a long time and are only now applying for Social Security disability because they've exhausted their resources.
  • Potential clients who have exhausted their unemployment benefits, are unable to find a job, and wonder whether they technically qualify as disabled.
  • Individuals who have been receiving Social Security disability benefits for years, until the government suddenly decides that they are no longer eligible.


There are many people in North Carolina, and in the U.S. as a whole, who abuse the Social Security disability system, conspiring with doctors to create fake diagnoses that entitle them to benefits. At Partin, Patton & Brown, we will only work with genuinely disabled individuals who are truly unable to work; this is why our firm has such an excellent reputation in the Social Security disability field.

Has Your Social Security Disability Claim Been Denied? You Need an Aggressive Lawyer

If you have been denied in your first go around with the Social Security Administration, or if you are thinking of filing for disability benefits for the first time, the law firm of Partin, Patton & Brown is available to help. Call our Social Security disability experts today at 888-604-9728 to find out what we can do for you!