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Applying for Social Security Disability? Been Denied Benefits? Contact the Experienced North Carolina Law Firm of Patton Brown Law.

Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits can be a Painful Process

If you are forced to apply for Social Security disability benefits due to an injury or severe medical condition, you have two choices. You can call the local Social Security office or go online and apply for disability benefits by yourself; this is what most people do because they do not know there is another way. Or, you can call a law firm with an experienced team of attorneys and staff in Social Security disability law who will guide you every step of the way, treating you like a friend, rather than a number.

Dealing with the massive Social Security Administration machine can be an intimidating experience even for a healthy person. For a person with disabilities, it can be overwhelming. Many people each year do not apply for disability benefits simply because they do not want to go through the hassle and do not want to experience the anxiety of dealing with the Social Security Administration. 

At Patton Brown Law, we pride ourselves in working closely with our clients at every step in the disability process. Whether we are advising a client to apply for benefits, helping him fill out an application for benefits, appealing a denied claim, or representing him at a hearing, our expert attorneys and staff are involved on a personal level.

In the current, harsh economic climate, Social Security employees and judges are under intense pressure to save money by denying claims for disability benefits. A mistake on your application, an oversight when listing your previous job responsibilities, or forgetting to list one of your treating doctors, can all be grounds for denying your disability application.

If there is a way to deny your application for benefits, the Social Security Administration will find a way to do it. It is critically important that your application be accurate and complete. If your application is denied, you will need an experienced lawyer to appeal your claim and develop your case in a way that increases your chances of having your claim approved.

For help navigating the tricky disability claims process, contact us today (855) 860-2150. The experienced and compassionate team at  Patton Brown Law will help you obtain the Social Security disability benefits you need and deserve.

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